The Birth of Busy Bea’s

As a working mom of young children, I have experienced firsthand the challenges today’s busy parents have balancing health and convenience for their families.

Fast food provides the appeal of on-demand meals but lacks the health awareness that a local business can offer by focusing on nutritionally sound offerings.

By preparing “fast food” that allows health conscience clientele to obtain immediate and customizable meals as well as meal kits without the financial burden of expensive weekly or monthly subscriptions (and environmentally damaging packaging and shipping!) Busy Bea’s is aiming to make mealtime not just easy but good for you and the planet as well.

Busy Bea’s Pantry is a dedicated quick service meal time solutions provider serving health forward grab and go meals, oven ready to go meals and customizable meal kits.

Busy Bea’s will appeal to our customer base with a menu that revolves around seasonality and freshness while allowing customers premium customization of their meals. Produce and meats will be sourced as organically and locally as financially possible. By creating relationships with local distributors to procure our raw ingredients we will be able to offer our customers the freshest and most nutritious ingredients available.

“Grab and go” menu options will be a selection of hot bone broth based soups, salads, grain bowls as well as wraps. Items can be custom ordered in advanced and catering and delivery are also available.

Oven ready meals and meal kits will allow busy customers a solution to mealtime prep. Meal kits will be customizable by proteins and sides and offer both recipe cards as well as a link to video instruction.

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